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We have the perfect place for your Summer Retreat.

Book now to ensure your yoga spot and room next summer!

During all five Summer Retreats we will be located at the House of Wonders Healthy Hideaway in Cascais, where also the yoga classes and brunches will take place in a cool zen studio or outside on the terrace.

IMG_1243The place offers spacious 6 guest rooms all with ensuite bathroom (shower, bath, bidet) in Cascais. The elegant villa features a large living room with fire place and a breakfast room with direct access to the terrace and private pool & garden. It lies at next to a park, only minutes away from the Atlantic, the beaches and the historic center of Cascais.

As a guest of House of Wonders , you’ll find yourself in a unique location. The villa lies in a residential area on the borders of the beautiful Parque Palmela. The historic center of Cascais, the boulevard and the train station are within a 10 minute walk.

Bed and Breakfast House of Wonders

You will find the packages with or without accommodation giving you the choice  where to stay during your holiday.
Please make your booking asap to IMG_1233ensure your space due to limited rooms:) Go to Summer Retreat
or Contact us B&B House of

Weekend Workshop

En skøn dansk kvinde kom forbi Cascais til yoga, tak Hanne.
Hanne Ellegaard

En tur til Burma gik i vasken – jeg skulle finde på noget andet, og lykken stod mig bi, og jeg fandt Annett i Cascais. I marts 2014 praktiserede jeg yoga 6 dage i træk, flere gange om dagen – og Paddle surfede. Hvilken fest :0) Ud over at føle mig rigtig godt tilpas, var det også sjovt og udfordrende – for hos Annett skal man arbejde. Hun kan få én til at lave de utroligste øvelser. Og med sit store netværk i lokalmiljøet, får man som turist meget forærende, når man får kendskab til små hyggelige cafeer, spisesteder og mennesker. Tak for en dejlig uge. Jeg kommer helt sikkert igen :0)
KH Hanne



New “Senior” Yoga class on Wednesdays

NEW “Senior” Yoga class is opening on Wednesdays.

We are opening a new Senior level yoga class on Wednesdays from 13 – 14h – starting on the 28 of May.

Senior (50+) or not, the class is directed to general problems we start to feel in our bodies with age and on top you might never have done yoga before but maybe a lot of sport or none?

We are dealing with stiffness in various areas i.e. ankles, shoulders, legs, arms, back….. the list gets longer and longer as we know…… so time´s up  to improve your life quality…….:)

Beginners are welcome and will benefit the most if joining from the beginning. See u on the 28th of May.

Yoga studio Rua Jose Florindo 622 r/c Cascais

Please sign up by mail to or call 917567422

Places we like and people we love map:)

We have designed a special map for you, to find your way around Cascais between our Yoga studio, your Accommodation, our meal place Cafe Galeria House of Wonders and fun Paddle Surfing beach on your next visit.
And besides this we have added great places to dine, beach, enjoy a sunset and much more. Place we enjoy very much and would like to share with you while you are here with us.

Click on the map to expand:)


This is Your Brain on Yoga

This is Your Brain on Yoga 

BY Kathryn Heagberg

We all know that yoga does wonders for the mind. Even novices of asana, pranayama, and meditation report feeling increased mental stability and clarity during and after practice. Now, thanks to sophisticated brain imaging technologies, neuroscience is proving what teachers and practitioners have known for ages—that yoga and meditation can literally change your brain. But what exactly is going on up there? Take a peek inside—a basic understanding of brain anatomy and function can serve as a handy road map for your inner journey.

Portugal – Cascais Yoga Holiday Retreat & Weekends with Certified Iyengar yoga teacher Annett Mottlau


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