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Paddling surfing Tavira 2018

Paddle Surf in Tavira | Ria Formosa Natural Park

Stand-up paddle boarding is a trend here in Portugal next to surf. If you opt for the package including paddle surf and new to it, here is what to know.
That’s why if you have yet to experience the wonderful act of standing on water paddling quietly along the stunning coast line to experience firsthand this magical act of walking on water.
Fuseta is where the Paddle surfing will take place, at the famous Ria da Formosa in Algarve. You will have 3 Paddle surfing lessons included in the packages and if you have the time and energy, you may book more. Faust is also a nice little town to visit for lunch or dinner with its famous local fish and delicious seafood restaurants or just a coffee at the seafront watching the life passing by.

What to expect on your Paddle session:

1. Stand-up paddleboarding is beginner friendly.
First off, if you’ve never been on a stand-up paddleboard, don’t be discouraged. Paddle boards are extremely stable and built for you to balance on them. Your instructor will know how to get you up on the board and show you the proper ways to paddle for momentum, how to stop, and how to turn.

2. You’ll work your CORE, CORE, and MORE CORE.
Expect to engage your CORE! Your abdominals are essential to proper paddling and avoiding any discomfort in your lower back. By engaging the muscular energy in your core, you’ll not only tone your muscles but will find a deeper sense of strength inside you.

3. It’s truly a full-body experience.
You’ll work your legs, your feet and your arms. Your feet are your central connection to your board, so think about Tadasana “mountain pose” where your feet are your roots. You engage your legs for even more stability, so make sure to put a slight bend in the knees, and avoid stiffening up the lower half of your body. Be relaxed. The act of paddling comes from the core but you use your arms to create moment with every paddle stroke.

4. It’s relaxing.
Ending a class in Savasana on the stand-up paddleboard is nothing short of amazing. Imagine, for a moment, lying quietly on your back, floating with movement of the water with fingers dangling in the water and a warm breeze brushing over your body as you listen to the sounds of birds chirping and water lapping the nearest shore.

5. You’ll wash away your fear.
Expect to fall in! Why? Because we have the opportunity to play, and with playfulness comes the ability to let go of our fears and try something daring. The great part about falling in the water is it’s refreshing and makes you feel alive.

You truly connect with yourself and nature in moments where you’re able to let go of anything outside of that moment. So enjoy, feel alive, feel refreshed and get on a board this summer! You won’t be disappointed you tried it!


Yoga Retreat Portugal

Yoga Retreats in Tavira 2018

Iyengar Yoga – for all bodies and all levels.

Our yoga retreats next summer will take place at the stunning location Tavira  the East side of Algarve, warm weather and waters.
Annett (Danish) lives in Portugal. She has been teaching Iyengar yoga for more than 19 years as well as organising her retreats here  since 2011 and running her regular group classes. She is a well experienced  teacher and her teaching is clear, dynamic with good attention to details and alignment.  She will combine a well structured class and body alignment in her own warm teaching style.
“Kind Words”
“Annett is an amazing teacher, she’s very precise, very attentive to each person and difficulties and she’s also cautious to prepare our bodies to the asanas with avoiding any injury and to help us to progress in the best conditions. She is a real professional. It was a pleasure to learn from her knowledge.” Aurélie

The practice of yoga is an ideal way to balance the stresses of modern day living, helping us to stay healthy and young. Practicing yoga regularly can be challenging for most people having a busy schedule. But when you’re on a retreat, you’ll have 2 classes offered a day, which will ensure your progress and you will feel the positive effects more quickly. Yoga nourishes the organic body through the practice of asanas (postures), brings clarity to the mind, and keeps the body strong, supple and heathy.
Yoga is for all bodies and all levels, yes and we teach our retreats on a general level, in a way that also beginners with some knowledge of yoga can participate and enjoy a yoga retreat for the first time as well as the more advanced student.
The groups are small and therefore the time to enjoy  our personal attention to each student, so all students benefit and can work on their individual challenges. For beginners the aim is to make you well versed on the important basics while the more advanced yogi/ini are assisted in evolving and working on their individual practice.
The classes are taught in English/ dansk.

During your retreat we will start the morning with a tea, nuts and fruits before the two hour dynamic morning asana practice followed by a good healthy breakfast, tea and juices served out on the terrace. In the afternoon you will have a 1.5hr restorative class followed by a delicious vegetarian dinner four of the evenings.

Iyengar Yoga Retreats Tavira | Algarve 2018

The Yoga | Paddle Surf Awakening

Tavira – Algarve is our new amazing retreat  location for a magical Yoga retreat next to the Ria da Formosa and stunning beaches in a calm local atmospher away from busy cities and only 4km to Tavira town. The house is nestled into a spacious hilly orange tree plantation among other exotic fruit trees and flowers. It has a separate yoga shala next to the pond where the frogs are talking to you and a large round swimming pool with an amazing view to the sea.
A place where time stands still and only the bees are busy:)

Retreat Weeks 2018
July 21 – 28
September 15 – 22
October 13 – 20


Yoga Retreats Tavira 2018

Package incl.:
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 10 Yoga classes
  • Healthy homemade breakfast and fresh juices
  • Daily lunch pack
  • 4 x Healthy  Vegetarian Dinners  (excl. beverage)
  • 3 x Paddle surfing lessons (optional see package price below)
Package price per person:

Yoga Package:
Shared twin p.p. 885€
Single 1.285€

Yoga & Paddle Surfing Package:
Shared twin p.p. 935€
Single  1.335€

All rooms with private bath and own patio or terrace.

Please note in the paddle surfing package, the transfer to and from the house to Fuseta is not included, as it depends on how many will be joining?

(Pls note all prices are excluding air ticket)


Yoga morning Yoga afternoon
Day 1 Arriving day  18 – 19.15hr  Dinner
Day 2 9 – 11h 17.30 – 19h
Day 3 9 – 11h ( Paddel S) 18 – 19.30h  Dinner
Day 4  Free  (Paddel S)  Free Brk
Day 5 9 – 11h 18 – 19.30h Dinner
Day 6 9 – 11h  Free
Day 7 9 – 11h  (Paddel S) 18 – 19.30h Dinner
Day 8 DEP  Brk

The timetable is a guideline and can be altered to some extend accordingly to your requests upon arrival.

Delicious Meals
During your stay Eva (our angel  cook from Colares) will be cooking all your meals here at the Tavira retreats. We are so happy to have her in our kitchen making up some of her superb vegetarian meals and breakfast with home made break, smoothies among more super foods.
You will be served  tea, nuts and fruits before morning classes and a healthy breakfast after incl. fresh juices, tea and coffee.  You will have a lunch pack every day and four delicious vegetarian dinners. The remaining evenings you may explore the amazing restaurants in Tavira with some help from us if needed. So no worries you will not go hungry to bed, we can assure you.

Relaxation Massages
Your body might like to enjoy a relaxation massages with Ivana, our amazing professional massage therapist, who are pampering you for the whole week.
Can be booked upon arrival.

All activities can be booked beforehand or on the spot, for the next day.

Ria da Formosa | Paddle Surfing
Is where the Paddle surfing lessons will take place, at the Ria da Formosa at Fuseta. You will have 3 Paddle surfing lessons included in the packages. Fuseta is a small local fishing village,  which remains local, set on the waterfront with a beautiful beach reaching out into the Ria da Formosa. Here you will also find several amazing fish restaurants, famous for the good food indoor or outdoor as it is warm in the evenings here:)

Travel information
Fly into Faro Algarve and take a taxi to Synagoge approx 30min drive and 50€
Or take a taxi to Faro train station then the train to Tavira and taxi to Synagoge, 10min.




to Portugal

Your Tailor made yoga trip for small groups of friends, families, girls trip…

Ever thought of putting together a trip with your own group of friends in Cascais to share your love for yoga while exploring a new travel destination? We can make that happen.


IMG_9193The concept – you design the trip, we make it happen…with the hours of Yoga and/or, Paddle surf or Sup yoga to suit your needs and level.
This can be in your own small luxury house/hotel with everything within the four walls incl. the yoga classes and/or sessions in the garden around the pool, beach and still only be a few minutes walk from Cascais historic centre and the town’s tourist highlights.

This concept is available for a minimum of 5 persons and minimum of 2 days.

Package can be created to include

  • Yoga classes to fit your timing and level
  • Yoga classes at unique places
  • Paddle surf around Cascais bay
  • Sup yoga in Cascais bay
  • Where do we eat…. suggestions
  • What to see…where to go depending on your other interests.
    Excited with the possibilities? Contact us, let us know what you have in mind in a mail and we will work with you to make it just as you want it.

Contact us for suggestion.