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8 Days Yoga | Paddle Surfing Retreat Colares | Cascais

Paddle Surf classes in Cascais Bay.

Stand-up paddle boarding appears to be growing in popularity here in Portugal next to surf. If you opt for the package including paddle surf and new to it, here is what to know.

That’s why if you have yet to experience the wonderful act of standing on water paddling quietly along the stunning coast line to experience firsthand this magical act of walking on water.

Yoga | Paddle surfing package HERE

Is where the Paddle surfing lessons will take place, in the bay of Cascais as the other years. You will have a transport taking and bringing your back for the 3 Paddle surfing lessons included in the packages. Formerly a small local fishing village,  which remains local, set on the waterfront, it is connected by a string of smaller urban beaches to the next town Estoril. You can walk the whole way along the sea (paredão), stop at various beaches either soak in the lifestyle with a bica (coffee) or take a lunch/dinner at the beach restaurants where fresh fish and seafood are served.
There are plenty of cultural activities in the area, museums. In the narrow cobble stoned walking streets and the town’s squares you will find open air fairs and shops.

What to expect on your Paddle session:

1. Stand-up paddleboarding is beginner friendly.
First off, if you’ve never been on a stand-up paddleboard, don’t be discouraged. Paddle boards are extremely stable and built for you to balance on them. Your instructor will know how to get you up on the board and show you the proper ways to paddle for momentum, how to stop, and how to turn.

2. You’ll work your CORE, CORE, and MORE CORE.
Expect to engage your CORE! Your abdominals are essential to proper paddling and avoiding any discomfort in your lower back. By engaging the muscular energy in your core, you’ll not only tone your muscles but will find a deeper sense of strength inside you.

3. It’s truly a full-body experience.
You’ll work your legs, your feet and your arms. Your feet are your central connection to your board, so think about Tadasana “mountain pose” where your feet are your roots. You engage your legs for even more stability, so make sure to put a slight bend in the knees, and avoid stiffening up the lower half of your body. Be relaxed. The act of paddling comes from the core but you use your arms to create moment with every paddle stroke.

4. It’s relaxing.
Ending a class in Savasana on the stand-up paddleboard is nothing short of amazing. Imagine, for a moment, lying quietly on your back, floating with movement of the water with fingers dangling in the water and a warm breeze brushing over your body as you listen to the sounds of birds chirping and water lapping the nearest shore.

5. You’ll wash away your fear.
Expect to fall in! Why? Because we have the opportunity to play, and with playfulness comes the ability to let go of our fears and try something daring. The great part about falling in the water is it’s refreshing and makes you feel alive.

You truly connect with yourself and nature in moments where you’re able to let go of anything outside of that moment. So enjoy, feel alive, feel refreshed and get on a board this summer! You won’t be disappointed you tried it!



8 days Yoga Retreats 19-26 Aug Colares | Cascais


Colares | Cascais
The Iyengar Yoga – Paddle Surf Awakening

Summer 2017 is here in all it’s beauty – warm and sunny!
The season to awaken our bodies, breathe in the new energy, take a break, and join Annett at our beautiful and stunning yoga destination Colares next to Cascais and Sintra on the coastline.
So close – that you wake up to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore of Praia Grande beach. The villa is fresh set in a beautiful garden with a pool giving you the feeling of space and calmness with the Atlantic Ocean in front and the green Sintra mountains raising behind you.

Colares Retreats 2017 
July 15 – 22
Aug 19 – 26  (full)

Program & Package price from 780€ p.p.
Location & Accommodation 


Iyengar Yoga – for all bodies and all levels

With Annett (dansk), as your yoga teacher during your stay, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery, bathe in sunshine with the magic of the Atlantic sea,  recharging your body, mind and soul.
Annett has been teaching for more than 19 years and organised  retreats in Portugal since 2011, besides running her regular group classes.

Copy of Yoga F 029 During your retreat we will start the morning with a tea, nuts and fruits before the two hour dynamic morning asana practice followed by a good healthy breakfast, tea and juices served out on the terrace. In the afternoon you will have a 1.5hr restorative class followed by a delicious vegetarian dinner four of the evenings.

Yoga Colares

The groups are small and therefore the time to enjoy  our personal attention to each student, so all students benefit and can work on their individual challenges. For beginners the aim is to make you well versed on the important basics while the more advanced yogi/ini are assisted in evolving and working on their individual practice.
Yoga sessions are held at the new beautiful Yoga Shala at the Villa  with a view to the sea, set up with all equipment needed ie mats, foam blocks, bricks, belts, blankets and chairs- Iyengar yoga uses props to help students practice the poses safely.

The classes are taught in English/og dansk.

Colares | Sintra
Is a little traditional village a short bike ride from the Lodges. A nice place to have a coffee or meal and enjoy its quiet charme and local market.
Praia MaçaThe extensive Praia Grande and its little sister, the scenic Praia Pequena with its steep cliffs just around the corner from Star Pine Lodge. Great beaches for surfing and here you find small local restaurants, beach bars as well as a surfshop.

Cascais | Paddle Surfing
11731813_904616506266940_787273606808925521_oIs where the Paddle surfing lessons will take place, in the bay of Cascais as the other years. You will have a transport to pickup and return during the 3 Paddle surfing lessons included in the packages.
Cascais is formerly a small local fishing village,  which remains local, set on the waterfront, it is connected by a string of smaller urban beaches to the next town Estoril.