34 thoughts on “KIND WORDS”

  1. In dieser Yogawoche erlebte ich eine Kraftquelle für mich in meiner Ganzheit, wie ich es noch nicht bevor erfahren habe. Zum einen liegt es an der hervorragenden Professionalität von Annett, zum andern am kreativen, genussvollen mit Liebe hergestellten Essen von Eva. Annett versteht es wie keine andere Yogalehrerin, auf jede Teilnehmerin und Teilnehmer individuell einzugehen. Ihr grosses Wissen, ihre Erfahrung und ihr Humor machen aus dieser Woche ein spezielles Erlebnis, welche wieder zurück im Alltag noch lange Zeit einen beeindruckenden Nachklang hinterliessen. Für mich ist klar: ich werde wieder kommen!

  2. A beautiful week in a natural way.
    House, food, people, places and of course Annett and Yoga!
    It’s been an interessant work on body and mind.
    An experience to repeat for having peace and wellness and loading energy for every day life!!

  3. Foi uma imersão no yoga muito boa.
    As aulas foram dinâmicas e poderosas.
    Oportunidade para praticar e aperfeiçoar os ASANAS mais difíceis.
    A Annett é uma excelente professora.
    O grupo foi ótimo, criou-se um ambiente de amizade e vivência muito bom.
    Uma palavrinha para a Eva, a cozinheira, presenteou-nos com uns jantares vegetarianos muito bons.

  4. I had a thoroughly enjoyable week in Colares. The Lodge was comfortable and clean and situated on a beautiful stretch of coastline. The food was delicious and the staff warm, friendly and helpful. The yoga was first class. Annett is a yoga yoda. And I don’t mean she’s small, green, 800 years old and careless with verb placement. Quite the opposite in that regard in fact, but she can make things move with the power of her mind! Ok maybe a slight exaggeration but it won’t be long I’m sure. Anyway it was a pleasure and a privilege to have access to such expertise so expertly and patiently delivered. From being an intrigued and open minded relative beginner I have now begun a regular practice which is becoming highly addictive and which I’m recommending to anyone who’ll listen. Yoga should be compulsory in schools. Anyway HIGHLY recommend and will definitely come back! Paddle boarding fun too!

  5. This yoga retreat was my first introduction to yoga and what a great experience! Annett is an amazing teacher, she’s very precise, very attentive to each person and difficulties and she’s also cautious to prepare our bodies to the asanas with avoiding any injury and to help us to progress in the best conditions. She is a real professional. It was a pleasure to learn from her knowledge.
    I really enjoyed the time in the retreat, the group was awesome, very open minded and the team in the lounge very welcoming and interesting.
    I won’t hesitate to do this retreat again and I truly recommend it.

  6. This summer, I have done my first Yoga retreat with Annett and my opinion is quite simple : Just do it too !!! Annett is a fantastic Yoga teacher, she gives a lot of advice and really cares about people… Thank’s Annett 🙂 On the top of that, the Lodge is a great place to be, located nearby the sea, with very nice people to run it. Definitely a Yoga retreat to recommend !

  7. I have done two retreats with Annett this year, one was a detox plus yoga in May and the other one a full week of yoga. All in the beautiful lodge of Colares. Annett is an inspiring teacher who adjusts her teaching to all levels and knows how to challenge every student close to his or her own limit. Annett gave me a lot of advice to adjust my postures to the right level for me. The content of the different classes was varied and well structured, so that we have been able to go across many postures. In addition, the Colares lodge is very pleasant – close to the beaches and with a nice swimming pool -. Finally, the massages from Esther are just a dream!
    I would highly recommend!

  8. I had a wonderful time in Colares. It was my first experience of Iyengar yoga and I’m glad I was able to do this with Annett, who is by leaps and bounds the most passionate and in depth teacher I have ever encountered. The Starpine lodge is lovely, as is the team who work there. The food was divine – thank you Petra! The massages also amazing – thank you Esther! I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone of any level.
    Hopefully I will be able to return in the no so distant future.

  9. I loved this yoga retreat! I have never tried Iyengar yoga before but I really fell in love with it. Annett is a wonderful, talented, and very kind teacher who truly cares about her students. I wish I could take her classes on a weekly basis. She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I would recommend this retreat to anyone in heartbeat!

  10. Since coming home from colares I feel a difference – in body and soul. Anette is the best teacher I know, passionate and professional. I would love to take frequent lessons with her.
    Esther gives the most fantastic, relaxing massages I ever experienced.
    For both, yoga and massages- believe me – I tried a lot:):
    I’ts worth trying😉

  11. So happy to do my first yoga retreat with Annet. First time iyengar yoga bit hard but very rewarding. The food was great. We had a great group of people during the retreat. Love starpine lodge, very chilled atmosphere pool garden and hammock. Eva the cook was wonderful. Many thanx to petra sam and jake

  12. A very good teacher, Annett is. I enjoyed and very much trusted upon her yoga knowledge. The stay in the lodge is easy going, nice rooms, friendly staff. The beaches nearby are lovely. Massages by Esther are divine. In short. A wonderfull week. Thankyou Annett, thankyou Starpine Lodge Petra, Sam and Daniel and thankyou dear retreaters, for a lovely time spent…

  13. Recenty back from a yoga week in Colares. It was a great week. Annet is a wonderful teacher. The place itself is really relaxed and the lodge staff were great. Lovely wild beaches nearby and beachside restaurants in walking distance. I wish I had signed up for the two weeks. Will definitely be back. Susan.

  14. I just finished my first Yoga retreat with Annette. Not sure how to convey the amazing experience in Colares in a few words. Annette is the most skilled instructor I have had – she is passionate about Yoga and makes sure all her students experience challenge at their level.
    The physical retreat is like home away from home. Good food, close to the beach, clean and lovely!
    Make sure to book Ester for the best massage ever! I’m planning my next visit…

  15. I just finished my second retreat with Annett – this time in the new beautiful location in Colares – and I can highly recommend it. Annett is very attentive teacher that balances the different needs of the group during the retreat. The place in Colares is great – beautiful garden with pool, skilled massage therapist, 5 min. walk to the beach and located close to the city Sintra with good sightseeing options.

  16. I went on the november retreat in Morocco with Annett in 2015 as my first yoga retreat. I can warmly recommend both the place and Annett as a teacher.
    The hotel is located along the beautiful Atlantic coastline North of Agadir in a remote area- not too touristic but safe. Sun and 28 degrees in november. Great waves for beginner surfing and surf school at the hotel.
    The yoga practise takes place in a chalet just by the beach (maybe 20 meters from the seashore) with a beautiful view overlooking the ocean.
    Annett is a very talented, experienced and attentive Iyengar yoga teacher. She is carefully, individually adjusting and guiding the yoga practice so you get the full effect and learn the maximum. After one week with Annett, I now highly prefer Iyengar yoga to any other yoga approach.

  17. Attending regular Yoga classes since one year with Annett, really improved my overall wellbeing, can’t wait to resume this Autumn, the very clear, structured and professional teaching of Iyengar yoga. See you very soon Annett !

  18. I have just returned from my week in Cascais doing Yoga with Annette. It was my first time doing Iyengar yoga and I am a beginner at Yoga. Annette was a wonderful teacher, adapting the poses to suit my ability. I have come home refreshed, positive and motivated to continue with my yoga experience. The food by Esther at the house in Cascais was amazing. I already miss the brunches. I also did the paddle boarding which was great fun. A great holiday that I would highly recommend.

  19. I am a yogateacher and went to have a treat myself and boy did I get this! Annett is a totally skilled teacher and pushed me to a different level. Cascais is wonderful and then comes Esther, I don’t have the words!! Just do it 🙂

  20. Review by Katharina from Vienna, Austria:

    “I’m now back for four days from my one-week yoga and paddle surf retreat in Cascais and I’m still relaxed and happy. I had a realy great time. Annett is the best teacher I ever had and I guess I have learned – and most of all understood – much more in this week than in the last years. Also worth mentioning are Esther’s wonderful massages and the fondly prepared brunches after the morning yoga classes. In summary: a perfect holiday and soon a wonderful memory.”

    September 8, 2015. BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  21. I loved summer yoga and paddle surf retreat in Cascais with Annett! I practice Iyengar yoga for many years and my daughter Tatiana, 13 years old, only started her practice recently. For both of us the retreat was challenging, interesting, contributing to our practice, because Annett is a very experienced teacher and even in a group she can account for different needs and levels of yoga practice. Paddle surf was great fun too. The accommodation and food were fabulous, although for me the meal times were not ideal. Alltogether, a wonderful experience.

  22. After my very first yoga class with Annett, some years ago, I felt she was nothing like i had done before through my previous years of Hata and Astanga yoga. It was like a complete RE-start. She corrected almost every asana i thought i was doing right ! Amongst many things I learned alignment.. She is the best teacher i have ever had and I feel so grateful i crossed her path. I can only say : yes ! Come to Portugal and enjoy Annett’s teachings for a unique yoga retreat in a magical place in Europe. Cheers, Carole.

  23. The way Annett yoga postures shows and explains is clear and easy to understand. Do it yourself is something else. I have been doing yoga for several years, the way Annett yoga classes facilitates and let yoga experience was new to me.

    In various ways she offers opportunities to experience yoga postures. I particularly liked that Annett is able to let you feel on a very delicate way the meaning of the exercise. Through the guidance of Annett I was able to experience the postures on a new level, what made my happy.

    Annett is a great personality and yoga teacher. She let you move with little precision so that you feel en come to a deeper level. I’ve learned a lot. Yoga with Annett is recommended and gave me yoga an anther dimension.

    The yoga retreat was fantastic! I enjoyed the yoga classes, the SUP with Alex en Nick, the hospitality from Esther in the B&B “The house of wonders” and not but least the group members from all over the world.

    Amsterdam, Oct. 2014

  24. My 40 year practice of Iyengar yoga has led me to many teachers in many places. Nothing in my ‘journeys’ surpassed (or prepared me for that matter) for the clarity, nurturing and insight of Annett’s classes. It was a privilege to receive her teaching and a blessing to become her student. lskmuse 2014

  25. As a traveller, a blogger and a yoga school searcher all over the world for a long time, I believe Annett is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met. Not only being a wonderful and very specialized iyengar instructor, she has an amazing personality as well. Her beauty and joy is a reflection of her beatiful heart. I feel really very lucky to find the chance to be a student of her at that fantastic yoga weekend in beautiful Cascais. She cared very much on me during my whole stay, I am really so much grateful to her for everything, for giving me all her time, for sharing and practising her deep and specific yoga knowledge in all sessions and for her lovely company during my stay.

  26. En tur til Burma gik i vasken – jeg skulle finde på noget andet, og lykken stod mig bi, og jeg fandt Annett i Cascais. I marts 2014 praktiserede jeg yoga 6 dage i træk, flere gange om dagen – og Paddle surfede. Hvilken fest :0) Ud over at føle mig rigtig godt tilpas, var det også sjovt og udfordrende – for hos Annett skal man arbejde. Hun kan få én til at lave de utroligste øvelser. Og med sit store netværk i lokalmiljøet, får man som turist meget forærende, når man får kendskab til små hyggelige cafeer, spisesteder og mennesker. Tak for en dejlig uge. Jeg kommer helt sikkert igen :0)
    KH Hanne

  27. In 2011 I read an article in a New York newspaper about Iyengar Yoga being taken seriously by doctors in helping patients with back pain. Having just been diagnosed in hospital with chronic and acute back pain as a result of two almost non – existent discs, I sought a local teacher. Supported by my Osteopath I found Annett and my
    life changed over the last two and a half years. I was desperate for help but didn’t really expect yoga to work but in the time I have been doing yoga with Annett I have only had one “episode” with my back instead of the three monthly meltdowns which had become the norm.

  28. Doing Iyengar yoga with Annett gave me the chance to relax and at the same time showed me all the functions of my body. I have learned, about myself, something that in my previous 40 years I didn’t. Also the Iyengar yoga’s classes are conducted in a very professional way, where Annett is used to follow us step by step helping ourselves to reach the maximum benefit from this activity. SALVATORE LP/2013

  29. As a 17-year old I am aware of how lucky I am to have started practising yoga with such a great teacher as Annett. She is strict yet very friendly and makes you feel comfortable from the beginning. I’ve learned so much with her about how the body works, what problems I have and why it’s so important to work on them, and she delivers this interestingly and with dedication which is quite inspiring. Thank you Annett!

  30. Praticante de yoga há mais de uma década, depois de ter viajado pelo mundo fora, sinto-me todos os dias abençoada por ter encontrado a Annett e por ter a oportunidade de praticar com uma professora deste nível. É uma benção! Verdadeira conhecedora do Yoga e da sabedoria que transmite, é uma pessoa adorável, com uma simplicidade e humildade arrepiantes. As suas aulas são dinâmicas, têm rigor na execução das técnicas e ao mesmo tempo uma suavidade, que assim conjugados, promovem a evolução das técnicas, o conhecimento e o bem estar. Recomendo vivamente a todos!

  31. I have been doing yoga with Annett now for 2 years, and i can say it has turned my life around. The lessons are in a fab little studio, done in a calm manner and her very clear approach to get us into the asana is brilliant. As a golfer and tennis player it has certainly helped keep my body going.
    I think she is brilliant and would highly recommend her as a teacher.

  32. I have worked with Annett for more than a year now, starting as a true and reluctant novice, and I have only great things to say about working with her. She has a very structured approach and an excellent way of describing what’s required as well as the objective. I would very highly recommend her

  33. I have been doing yoga from the age of 10.
    Over 4 decades I have tried and practiced various styles and modalities.
    For those beginning the yoga journey or for those wishing to fine tune and have correct asana alignment to avoid injuries, and for optimum benefit, the Iyengar method has got to be the best. Annett is a prime example of a great teacher. I highly recommend.

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